Trailblazer Tracking announces first deal with national network

Trailblazer Tracking announces first deal with national networkWe are delighted to announce that Network Direct has agreed to roll out the Trailblazer Tracking technology to its appointed representatives and advisers.

The contract will last for a minimum of three years and will be rolled out over the coming months, going live in June.

Commenting on the deal Les Lee, Managing Director of Network Direct, said: “MiFID II presents networks with unique challenges. It’s vital that we have oversight of the delivery of annual suitability assessments and that client servicing is being carried out in accordance with the agreement between the adviser and their client.”

“Each of our members has their own methodology for monitoring their client servicing programme, which makes the networks monitoring of these programmes time consuming and difficult. We reviewed various systems to resolve the problem but could not find a suitable solution until we met with Trailblazer Tracking, who demonstrated they had designed a bespoke system tailored to solving these issues.”

Lee concluded by saying: “Over the next three months we will roll out the system to all our members and look forward to the benefits it will bring to the network, our members and their clients.”

Reacting to the partnership, Nigel Ruff, Managing Director of Trailblazer Tracking said: “The partnership with Network Direct is proof that the Trailblazer Tracking system provides huge benefits to its users. It provides networks with high-quality management information and oversight of their appointed representatives and RI’s, who in turn can more easily monitor their advisers.”

“It gives both the network and their appointed representatives the confidence that the things they think are happening are. The system also reduces risk, while adding value to the businesses who use it.”

The Trailblazer Tracking software helps financial advisers comply with the requirements of MiFID II legislation while helping them demonstrate the delivery of agreed services.

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