7 financial services podcasts to help you with your CPD

In recent years there has been an explosion in the popularity of podcasts. From politics to comedy, it’s now possible to find intelligent and entertaining podcasts on pretty much every subject under the sun.

If you’re a financial planner or adviser, then podcasts are also an excellent way for you to top up your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). With a minimum of 35 hours of CPD for retail investment activities required by the FCA – more if you carry out mortgage advice or fund management – then finding innovative ways to keep your knowledge and skills up to date can be tricky.

Podcasts can help you with unstructured CPD. Imagine you’ve left a structured CPD session or client meeting and you’re facing a long drive home – why not pop on a podcast and undertake some unstructured CPD as you go?

Here are seven financial podcasts that you should consider.

1. NextGen Planners

This interesting and entertaining podcast comes from NextGen planners; people who are actively involved in modern financial planning with one eye on the future.

If you want to keep on top of new developments in the profession, or you’re a younger adviser looking for solid business advice, then this is the podcast for you. Subjects under discussion by special guests in recent episodes include:

  • Positioning yourself as a future owner of a financial planning business
  • Tried and tested techniques to drive referrals
  • How technology in UK financial services is lagging and what is set to happen in the near future
  • How to build philanthropy into financial planning discussions

Listen: The NextGen Planners

2. The Financial Wellbeing Podcast

In this long running and popular podcast, Chris Budd, author of The Financial Wellbeing Book, shares expert insight, tips and advice on creating financial peace of mind.

Along with a series of guests, Chris looks at a range of issues concerning financial wellbeing and planning, including mental health, motivation, and planning a happy and fulfilled retirement.

Listen: The Financial Wellbeing Podcast

3. Maven Money

One of the country’s leading personal finance podcasts, Maven Money covers a wide range of financial planning issues.

Established by Andy Hart and now approaching its 130th episode, recent shows have covered issues such as:

  • Why conferences are important in the financial services profession
  • Understanding cognitive biases
  • Risk, including misconceptions about risk and volatility
  • Understanding retirement options to make an informed decision

Listen: Maven Money

4. The Financial Life Coach Podcast

This is the official podcast of The Financial Planning Training Academy, hosted by Steve Martin and Damien Rylett.

If you are a financial adviser or planner who is passionate about getting better, this is the podcast for you. Each episode features a conversation with a leading light in financial services who is willing to share their knowledge.

Listen: The Financial Life Coach

5. The Adviser Gap

“The average age of a financial adviser in the UK is broadly in the mid-fifties. You would think that this would be cause for concern to the financial planning profession as a whole; however, our experience suggests that this issue is far from being addressed.”

This is the starting point for the Adviser Gap, a podcast looking at the gap in skills, experience and expertise required by the next generation of financial advisers, coupled with the lack of opportunity being afforded to them by those looking to hire.

The Adviser Gap podcast is designed to help those who want to bridge that gap and begin their journey towards a career as a financial adviser. The show aims to create a world where financial planning is seen as a career of choice rather than something people simply fall into.

As Adviser Gap say: “By working together as a profession to deliver better outcomes, we can improve the public perception and drive greater awareness of the incredible impact that financial planning can have on peoples’ lives.”

Listen: The Adviser Gap

6. The Money Hat-Tip Podcast

An entertaining series of ‘ramblings’ by IFA Nick Lincoln, the Money Hat-Tip podcast covers a wide range of financial planning areas.

As his ‘dear listener’ you’ll be entertained with stories from Nick’s life as an IFA and lessons all planners can learn from. Recent episodes have included:

  • AINAC (Advice Is Not A Commodity)
  • When the Vanguard Falters
  • No Plan = No Anchor = No Chance

Listen: Money Hat-Tip

7. Financial Advisor Success

Approaching 150 episodes, this US-based podcast shares real success stories and insights from successful financial advisers and industry consultants.

While the podcast deals with some American-centric issues, there’s loads of really useful advice, from how to build a successful advisory business to how entrepreneurial advisors navigate the highs and lows of running their own firm.

If you want to hear insights and be inspired to reach the level of success you want to achieve, Michael Kitces’ podcast is for you.

Listen: Financial Advisor Success

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