Get free access to Trailblazer Tracking

The Coronavirus has impacted the way we work, adding challenges that weren’t present beforehand.

The effects have meant that many of us are now working from home, this means our usual day-to-day routines are very different. So, how do you know if you’re still providing an excellent service to your clients?

We want to help you if you’re working from home during this uncertain period.

We’re giving you three months free access to Trailblazer Tracking, and 50% off for a further three months.

This will give you six months’ access, helping you while you’re away from the office and giving you the reassurance you need knowing that your normal day-to-day routine isn’t disrupted.

To help get you started, here are five ways that Trailblazer Tracking will benefit you while working remotely:

1. Improve your organisation

Being out of the office and working from home presents its challenges. For example, how do you know you’re still delivering the same quality service to your clients?

One of the big advantages of Trailblazer Tracking is that it allows you to record the service you’ve provided to clients in a timely and detailed way. Managers and business owners can use the data to understand the progress each member of their team is making in delivering the agreed ongoing service.

Also, the whole system is secure and frequently backed up, which is vital when you’re working remotely as your records are always there should you ever need them.

2. Efficient communication

One of the crucial aspects of any business is good communication, both with colleagues and clients. How can you ensure this isn’t compromised when you’re working remotely?

One of the key features in Trailblazer Tracking is the ability to centralise communications to colleagues, advisers and clients. It helps advisers manage their diary and client meetings, so you don’t have to rely on shouting across your desk to ask when that next meeting is.

As well as this, you can send group messages to all users who you work with. This helps those people in authority in multi-adviser firms communicate more efficiently, while being able to prove that key messages have been delivered to their teams.

3. Reduce your admin

Trailblazer Tracking allows firms to demonstrate they are providing an ongoing service to clients.

Traditional back-office systems are desk-based, whereas Trailblazer is designed so you can use it remotely, and supplement, not replace an adviser’s back-office system. So, while you’re working from home, your routine will remain undisturbed, ensuring you’re still as efficient as you when you were in the office.

Also, a great benefit of Trailblazer Tracking is that it allows data to be recorded in a time-efficient way.

You no longer have to remember to record your CPD when you get back to the office or log a client call or meeting when you return. You can simply update Trailblazer through the app. This immediacy improves both efficiency and the accuracy of the data you record.

4. Monitor activity

When you’re working from home, away from your colleagues, how do you know they’re keeping on top of their tasks?

Naturally, this reduces your oversight on work activity as you’re not there to check for updates on tasks.

Trailblazer Tracking allows oversight of an adviser’s activity by their managers, compliance team or those with a Training & Competence (T&C) role. Gaps can quickly be identified and an action plan put in place.

This means you can track how others are getting on in the business and ensure the end goals are being met, and service to your clients continues to be delivered.

This ultimately reduces the likelihood of regulatory complaints in respect of ongoing service delivery.

5. Use on a tablet, mobile or desktop

While working from home, you will come across challenges that you wouldn’t normally have to deal with in the office. Your children might walk in on a conference call, or the dog might start barking when you’re trying to talk to a client. Being able to carry out your work efficiently while working from home is a daily challenge.

The Trailblazer Tracking app is available on all platforms, so you can use it on your phone, desktop or tablet, meaning you can take your work anywhere you need or want to.

Trailblazer Tracking will not only help when you are out of the office, but it’s also useful when you’re in the office. All of these benefits still apply and the app can help you form good habits which can improve the way you communicate with clients and colleagues.

This will help reduce the risk of complaints, increase efficiency in recording of CPD, and potentially increase client retention.

To sign up, all you need to do is head to our contact form, fill in your details and we’ll get in touch with you to get you started.