5 ways going digital can help your business

The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has meant that many companies have needed to adapt their way of working and have become more reliant on digital technology.

According to the Financial Times, the pandemic is ‘working on all the main levels that affect the pace of digital adoption, including business processes’. This adoption and remote working has proved to be beneficial. Many companies are working from home and Forbes say it has a number of benefits, such as productivity, performance, engagement and in some cases, profitability.

With the increase in remote working, it has meant the need to go digital. You can’t rely on the usual processes in an office. There’s no use of a meeting room, you can’t quickly let your manager know you’ve just arranged a call with a client.

By going digital, you take the pressure off traditional office functions. Even if you do return to the office, by going digital, you open yourself up to many benefits.

Here are five ways that going digital can boost your business:

1. Increase your productivity

The use of technology in your business can speed up processes and, therefore, improve productivity. Whether you want to analyse how your staff are spending their time or introduce systems to ensure efficiency, various technologies can offer solutions.

For example, you can use Trailblazer Tracking to record the service you’ve provided to clients in a timely and detailed way. Managers and business owners can use the data to understand the progress each member of their team is making in delivering the agreed ongoing service.

This means spending less time having to chase up staff, and more time planning how you constantly provide a better service to your clients.

2. Connect you to your clients

Simple video calling software lets you hold online meetings or webinars. You can run meetings on a one-to-one or group basis, and the software allows you to share audio, video and your computer screen. You can also record calls, giving you a useful record of what was discussed which helps from a compliance perspective.

Video calling means you don’t have to travel to all meetings as you can get through as much in a video call as you can at a face-to-face meeting. The planners we speak to say that many of their clients are happy to use this software rather than meet in person. So, for example, you could use it for client review meetings when your client doesn’t live locally.

You’re no longer consigned to a meeting room at the office, you now have greater flexibility to stretch beyond that.

3. Organise your admin

With remote working measures in place, you might find it difficult getting your admin organised. A benefit of going digital means you can make use of software that brings benefits to your business.

The Trailblazer app allows you to bring your admin online. Traditional back-office systems are desk-based, whereas Trailblazer is designed to be used on the move and supplement, not replace, an adviser’s back-office system.

In addition, it allows data to be recorded in a timely way. No longer do you have to remember to record your CPD time when you get back to the office or log a client call or meeting. Once you’re done, you can simply update Trailblazer through the app. This immediacy improves both efficiency and the accuracy of data.

4. Manage a mobile workforce with ease

One of the more difficult aspects of remote working means you’re not around your team. You don’t have the same access you had before to catch up on progress with clients. By adopting digital software to help you allows you to bridge that gap when you’re not around colleagues.

Trailblazer Tracking allows oversight of an adviser’s activity by their managers, compliance team or those with a Training & Competence (T&C) role. Gaps can be quickly identified and an action plan put in place.

This means you can track how others are getting on in the business and ensure that end goals are being met. This ultimately reduces the likelihood of regulatory complaints in respect of ongoing service delivery.

5. Enhance your marketing

In a fast-changing business world, now more than ever users are seeking services online and expect more from technology to improve their experience.

By becoming digital, you allow yourself to help potential clients by improving their journey to solving their problem. In addition, adopting digital practices means you can improve your overall brand awareness. This can be through a functional website, paid advertising campaigns, paid social marketing and more. Online is the go-to location for any consumer and you need to be prepared to be there too.

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