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At Trailblazer Tracking, we understand the stresses that come with the job as a financial planner. With growing interest from the FCA in how financial planners charge, as well as the global pandemic, there’s added pressure. Not only are you potentially working from home, but you’re also expected to deliver the same service before Covid-19.

As financial planners ourselves, we understand this. But there are systems to help you. That’s why we developed Trailblazer Tracking, an app that complements your working environment. It’s an easy way to evidence your service to clients, no matter where you’re based.

Our offer to you

As the coronavirus has impacted our daily lives and disrupted how people work, we wanted to ensure the impact on financial planners was minimal. That is why we have decided to offer the price for Trailblazer Tracking to £30 per user up to 20 users, per month.

Not only that, but you can also still take advantage of the free trial offer. As a new user, you can sign up to Trailblazer Tracking and get your first three months free.

Martin Hibbert, Business Development Manager at Trailblazer Tracking said “We know the importance of having systems in place, especially with the increase in remote working.

“With that in mind, we’re also mindful of the cost’s firms face since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s the motivation to reducing the cost for Trailblazer Tracking to £30 per month.

“We want to provide value for money for financial planners and carrying on helping and supporting them during this difficult period.”

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Signing up today gets you access to Trailblazer Tracking for free for the first three months. It’s secure, easy to use, and can ensure you remain compliant and help you to effectively advise clients.

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