Trailblazer Tracking now available for mortgage advisers

Since 2018, Trailblazer Tracking has been changing the way financial advisers and firms engage with their clients through the Trailblazer App.

Providing client information and data remotely has allowed financial advisers to build an audit trail demonstrating compliance with their service level agreements. This has protected both client relationships and income.

Following great feedback from financial advisers over the last three years, we’re delighted to announce that the app is now available to mortgage advisers.

The new release of the app allows mortgage advisers to access the same benefits as financial advisers, and more.

Deliver increased value to your clients

The Trailblazer app has been carefully adapted for mortgage advisers, enabling you to deliver increased value to your clients. For example, you will now receive a six-month reminder before a clients’ mortgage deal expires, so contact can be made and the next steps arranged.

As well as this, you can arrange your clients’ annual buildings, contents and protection insurance, generating additional revenue for you and your business.

5 ways you can generate added value

As well as these new additions specifically for mortgage advisers, you can also benefit from:

Improved delivery of service

The app lets you record the service you’ve provided to clients in a timely and detailed way. This data can help you understand the progress each member of your team is making in delivering the agreed ongoing service.

Reduction in your admin

You can reduce your admin by recording data immediately after a client meeting. No longer do you have to remember to log a client call or meeting as you can simply update Trailblazer through the app.

Streamline communication

A key feature of the app is the ability to centralise communications to colleagues, advisers, and clients. It helps advisers manage their diary and client meetings, so you don’t have to rely on shouting across your desk to ask when that next meeting is.

Multi-platform use

The app will not only help you in the office, but it’s also useful when you’re out of the office. Access is available on all platforms, so you can use it remotely on your phone, desktop, or tablet.

Monitor adviser activity

Trailblazer Tracking allows oversight of an adviser’s activity by their managers. This means you can track how others are getting on with tasks in the business and ensure that your team meet their goals.

Get access for free

We want to help you as you and your colleagues start returning to work. That’s why we’re giving new users three months’ free access, and 50% off for the next three months.

You’ll benefit from full access to the app and all the benefits it has to offer completely free of charge for three months.

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