Increase the value you provide to your clients today

Since 2018, Trailblazer Tracking has been changing the way financial advisers and firms engage with their clients. As recently as this year, the app has been modified and extended to mortgage advisers also.

In doing so, Trailblazer Tracking has been proven to increase the value advisers provide to their clients. There are five ways you can generate added value to your clients:

  • Improve delivery of service by recording the data within the app
  • Reduce your admin by recording data immediately after a meeting
  • Streamline your communication with colleagues
  • Use across phone, desktop and tablet, meaning you can access it wherever you are
  • Monitor advisor activity so you can you track how tasks are being progressed in your team

Start using Trailblazer Tracking today

We understand the pressures mortgage and financial advisers come under. In the current climate, you’re potentially working from home in the midst of a global pandemic and expected to deliver the same service value to your clients.

The app was developed to ensure that no matter what was thrown at you, the value you provide clients never changes. It complements your working environment as it’s an easy way to evidence your service, wherever you’re based.

Your exclusive offer

We want to ensure the impact felt on you is minimal during uncertain times. Therefore, we’re giving users the opportunity to have their first 3 months free. Thereafter, you can access Trailblazer Tracking at the reduced price of £30 per user up to 20 users, per month.

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Signing up today gets you access to Trailblazer Tracking for free for the first three months. It’s secure, easy to use, and can ensure you remain compliant and help you to effectively advise clients.

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