Price drop for mortgage advisers

We’re delighted to announce that from immediate effect mortgage advisers can now access Trailblazer for just £15 per month.

The app helps mortgage advisers work more efficiently, remain in contact with clients and win new business. All while helping you record your CPD.

5 ways Trailblazer helps mortgage advisers

1. Product end reminders

You can set the Trailblazer app to remind you when your clients’ mortgage products will come to an end.

That means you’ll never miss out on another renewal fee and will beat the banks and building societies communicating more quickly with your clients.

2. Protection reminders

As you know, not every client takes the protection they need. However, just because now isn’t the right time for them, doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future.

The Trailblazer app allows you to set regular reminders so you can check back in with your clients to discuss any holes they have in their protection provision.

3. Reduce your admin

You can reduce your admin by recording data immediately after a client meeting. No longer do you have to remember to log a client call or meeting as you can simply update Trailblazer through the app.

4. Streamline communication

The app allows you to centralise communications to colleagues, advisers, and clients. It helps advisers manage their diary and client meetings, so you don’t have to rely on shouting across your desk to ask when that next meeting is.

5. Multi-platform use

The app will not only help you in the office, but it’s also useful when you’re out of the office. Access is available on all platforms, so you can use it remotely on your phone, desktop, or tablet.

And don’t forget…

In addition to these five key benefits, the app also allows you to record your CPD on the go, so you know exactly how much you’ve completed and what you’ve got left to do.

Get access now

We want to help you help as many mortgage advisers as possible, so we’ve dropped the price to just £15 per month.

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